You can now customize your own tops!

You can now customize your own tops @Yottakilo! 

Design your own custom tops using our T-Shirt Designer. You can personalize your own custom shirt with any Yotta Kilo Tops. No minimum orders! Here are the 4 simple steps to make your own tops:

1. Choose your own Tops to Customize

2. Design your own Tops with Photo Uploads

Upload a photograph or your own design directly onto your custom tops. Simply click on “Upload Photo” and follow the instructions. Once your photo or design is uploaded to the T-Shirt Designer, you can move it around, resize it, and create your own t-shirt. And that’s it – now you’ve created your own Yotta Kilo Top! Click on “Add to Tote” (there we’ll ask you if you want to create another custom t-shirt) and head to checkout!